The planet needs our love

By Samara on February 14, 2018
Today is Valentine's Day. With love on everybody's lips, now is a good time to remember that the planet also needs our love.

We sit at a critical juncture in Earth’s history, a time when the forces of greed and destruction threaten our environment’s very existence, and therefore our own. Our only hope is that people around the world stand up for the environments and places that they hold dear.

Already countless acts of love have preserved precious woodlands and water catchments, saved iconic landscapes, halted extractive development in irreplaceable ecosystems. Love is the most powerful of human emotions, and can be an important driver of positive change. Indeed, it is the reason Samara is where it is today.

Viewing White rhino on foot, Samara Private Game Reserve, Great Karoo, South Africa
Love will save this place

So this year, as you toast your loved one, reflect on the time you have spent together in Nature and the places you love. Take time to walk in your local forest, visit your nearby beach, breathe in the clean air of the countryside.

Or travel further afield to a rejuvenated wilderness like Samara, plant a Spekboom to support our conservation efforts, salute the stars from our star bed, and help us conserve this magical landscape for posterity.

As Canadian author and environmentalist Naomi Klein once said, 'Love will save this place'.

Samara Private Game Reserve is a luxury 5-star destination with a passionate conservation mission set within breathtaking wilderness. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram, or click here to start planning your stay with us today. A safari for the soul.

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