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A Pioneering Conservation Journey

Regenerating South Africa's Great Karoo region through rewilding and responsible tourism.

Welcome to Samara, an award-winning conservation journey in a heart-stoppingly beautiful setting. Born in 1997 of a desire to restore the Great Karoo to its former glory, Samara has pioneered the rewilding of a landscape that had been turned over to agriculture for the best part of three centuries.

Once a thriving semi-arid ecosystem of astonishing diversity, the fortunes of the Great Karoo region changed with the advent of fences, firearms and farming. The once-epic springbok migrations vanished, as did the predators that stalked the herds. The ecosystem faltered; grassland slowly turned to dust.

Assembling 11 farms totalling 67,000 acres, Samara’s founders vowed to restore the magic of this place, embarking on an ambitious programme of land restoration and wildlife reintroduction. Today, thousands of wild animals roam this born-again wilderness and Samara is working with local stakeholders to extend the conservation ethic to over 3 million acres.

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26 guests at a time are invited to join Samara’s conservation journey and help to shape it for the future. Two intimate owner-run lodges with a true sense of place offer a quintessentially warm Karoo welcome, with myriad activities on offer to explore, entertain and educate.

In staying at Samara, every guest plays a role in safeguarding the landscape in perpetuity. Yet for those who visit, Samara’s magic extends beyond its conservation importance. To immerse oneself in this soulful landscape of infinite horizons is to experience a recalibration of the frantic modern mindset, a deep reconnection with Nature and a heart-lifting vision of hope for the future.

Our aim is for every guest to leave Samara empowered by the healing energy of Nature, having reconnected with what's truly important.

A Unique African Safari Experience

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Nurturing eco-warriors

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Holiday with purpose

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Unrivalled viewing on foot

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A magical sleep-out

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"Thank you for acquiring this special and unique land in the beloved Karoo. You have saved part of the soul of South Africa so that others will experience the heartbeat of the wilderness."


A conservation victory - the first leopard sighting

The first leopard sighting

A rewilding victory

We have long known that leopard exist on and around Samara, yet nobody had managed to catch a glimpse of the creature itself. Until recently...

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We are proud to be a Fellow Member of The Long Run, a collection of the world’s most sustainable nature-based travel destinations. Collectively, The Long Run members help conserve over 20 million acres of biodiversity and improve the lives of 750,000 people.

By joining the movement, we have committed to a continuous journey of improvement towards achieving a holistic balance of the “4Cs”: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce.

Staying at one of Samara’s lodges acts as a direct contribution to this vision.

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