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My story about a special cheetah

By Samara on October 3, 2017
I'd like to share with you a story about my most memorable experience with Sibella, the first wild cheetah reintroduced into the Great Karoo in 130 years, and Samara's most famous individual.

Hers was a tale that struck a chord with the many Samara guests that saw her, and the tens of thousands that read about her in magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Born a wild cheetah in South Africa’s North West province, Sibella’s life nearly ended at the hands of hunters. Mauled by dogs, her tendons ripped off her hind legs and a rope thrust in her mouth, she was thrown in a cage and left to die. Rescued by an NGO, she underwent 5 hours on the operating table to save her life. In need of a safe new home, she was flown to Samara to begin a new chapter. In doing so, she made conservation history, and more was still to come. Successfully raising 19 cubs to adulthood, she overcame the odds to become the most prolific cheetah in the country, an astonishing feat for Africa’s most endangered Big Cat.

But those are merely the facts. Perhaps Sibella's greatest gift to us all was the way she made us feel. One should avoid attributing human emotions to animals, but the gift of this remarkable cheetah truly lay in the special bond she shared with her human guardians.

My most memorable experience took place in 2012. Sibella had just given birth to what would be her final litter of two cubs. Our General Manager Marnus, my mother Sarah and I had ventured out to track her in the golden light of a blissful Karoo afternoon. We picked up her signal in the burnt orange landscape of the eroded area south of Kondoa mountain. We hopped out of the vehicle and began to walk. A moment later we saw her, emerging from a small green koppie, heading straight towards us. We stopped and waited. She kept her line, walking through dongas and over grassy hills, weaving her way towards her trio of onlookers. Finally, when she was a mere twenty metres away, she stopped and sat in clear view.

Already we marvelled at the beauty of the sighting – a wild cat, so graceful and at ease in her rightful habitat. But then she began to call; a soft, chirruping, magical sound. All of a sudden, two little shapes appeared on the koppie. As we watched, the small cubs, barely a month old, bounded over towards their mother. Cautious at first, they periodically disappeared behind tussocks of grass, raising their little heads to listen out for her encouragement.

Sibella the cheetah is joined by her young cubs, Samara Private Game Reserve, Great Karoo, South Africa

They were young enough to retain the characteristic ruff of fur around their necks as well as the dark-coloured body designed for camouflage and protection. We held our breaths. As they reached Sibella, she sat, sphinx-like, regal in posture and beauty, the dying sun casting her a most magnificent golden shade. She seemed to be saying ‘Come, see what I have created. See what you must now protect‘.

Sibella the cheetah with cub, Samara Private Game Reserve, Great Karoo, South Africa
Sibella the cheetah and her cub being photographed by Marnus Ochse, Samara Private Game Reserve, Great Karoo, South Africa

Tears welling in our eyes, we watched as this wild cat, once so badly tortured at the hands of man, presented to us her vulnerable progeny, her entire raison-d’être, her most precious wards. It was difficult not to sense a feeling of trust and pride in the remarkable occasion. For a while, the cubs played around her in the dying light, and we breathed the scene in, knowing that these moments can be all too fleeting.

And then she was off, back towards the koppie, babies in tow, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. Truly my most magical wildlife experience.

Words by Isabelle Tompkins

To celebrate the life of this remarkable cat, we are creating a coffee table book of photographs and memories from Samara friends, staff and guests. We would love to have your input. Please drop an email to isabelle@samara.co.za with your stories and images. Long may Sibella’s legacy live on.

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