Samara's Species List

For a semi-arid area, the Karoo is surprisingly diverse. Download Samara's species list and tick off the ones you spot when you visit.

Samara’s 70,000 acres are home to over 65 species of mammal, 220 species of bird and 50 types of reptile and amphibian. Many of these species are specially adapted to the Karoo’s harsh semi-arid environment. Certain species are endangered and thus of significant conservation value. These include the cheetah, Cape mountain zebra and Black rhinoceros, as well as the Cape vulture, Ludwig’s bustard and Blue crane – South Africa’s national bird.

Samara species list (136.21 KB)

Samara also hosts a diverse array of trees, grasses and flowers. The higher elevations form part of the Sneeuberg Centre for Endemism, a recently-discovered montane floral hotspot with 30 endemic species – species found nowhere else on Earth. Indeed, a plant found on Samara is believed to be new to science.

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