The Karoo: South Africa's timeless heartland

"The Karoo does that to you. It clears the clutter in your head."


Characterised by vast open plains bordered by dolerite-capped mountain ranges and quaint farm-style charm, the Karoo holds a unique and humbling magic. Its timelessness evokes a special kind of nostalgia and possesses a mysterious force that draws visitors back again and again.

The sense of space, the silence and the stars of the Karoo are the stuff of South African legend. There is no better place to clear your lungs, reconnect with your senses, and feel the stresses of daily life begin to slip away. Climb to the the top of a rocky outcrop on the edge of the Karoo basin, look out over an ancient and timeless landscape, and feel your heart soar.

"For me, the real draw of the Karoo is its immense, heartlifting landscape."


Lookout from Eagle Rock, Samara Private Game Reserve, Great Karoo, South Africa

Karoo hospitality is equally renowned – warm and genuine with tasty farm cooking to boot. Amongst the craggy hills of this desolate landscape lie small towns – dorpies – where original settler architecture, eccentric characters and a distinctly ‘Karoo’ way of life collide in charming fashion. The fascinating histories of the settlements and pioneering peoples of the Karoo add to its magic.

The Karoo, with its endless breathing space and limitless sky, is the ideal place to reconnect with what’s important. To immerse yourself in this landscape of infinite horizons is to place everything in your life in perspective – we are part of Nature, and Nature is part of us.

With the power to make you feel like a tiny speck in the universe, yet immeasurably powerful at the same time - such is the energy of the Karoo.

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