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Samara's Conservation Successes

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.


It has been incredibly rewarding to witness the rewards of our hard work over the years. Landscapes that had barely a blade of grass in 1997 have recovered, the deep orange of the earth now offset by green pockets of hope. We have reintroduced many indigenous species to the reserve that had gone locally extinct. These include cheetah, elephant, black rhinoceros, lion and herds of eland, hartebeest and springbok. We have also had the great joy of witnessing the return of species of their own accord – particularly the vulture and leopard. Highlighted below are some of Samara’s most noteworthy conservation successes.

Sibella: from tortured to treasured

First cheetah back in this region

In 130 years

In 2004, Sibella, a young female cheetah from the North West province, stepped onto Samara soil - making history as she did so.

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The elusive leopard returns to Samara

The elusive leopard returns

A rewilding victory

We have long known that leopard exist on and around Samara, yet nobody had managed to catch a glimpse of the creature itself. Until recently...

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Elephants return to the Plains of Camdeboo

Historic elephant translocation

To the Plains of Camdeboo

Absent from Samara for 150 years, a herd of elephant has now been released into the Karoo landscape.

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The Vanished Kings return

Return of the Vanished Kings

First lions back in 180 years

In 2019, Samara reintroduced the first lions in the region since the Cape lion was exterminated in the 19th century.

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Critically endangered black rhinoceros

First black rhinoceros on private land

Fewer than 5,000 worldwide

In 2013, Samara became the first private property in the region to reintroduce the desert-adapted subspecies of the Critically Endangered Black rhino.

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SA College for Tourism Tracker Academy

Tracker Academy established

A division of the SA College for Tourism

The academy was founded and is hosted at Samara. It trains 16 young men per year in the dying skills of tracking, enabling them to gain qualifications for the ecotourism industry and preserving this vanishing art form.

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Cape Vultures return to the Great Karoo

Cape Vultures return to the Great Karoo

Following ancient migratory patterns

Indicators of healthy ecosystems, the return of these endangered vultures to Samara is a huge cause for celebration.

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Endangered Cape Mountain zebra

Cape mountain zebra

A species that has recovered from the brink of extinction

Samara reintroduced the first Cape mountain zebra in the region onto private land.

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