Samara's Videos

Watch our collection of videos about Samara's wildlife, landscapes and experiences.

Featured Video: An introduction to Samara

Explore a place where time stands still. Samara, a safari for the soul.

Wildlife Video: Introducing the Funny Five

Watch as we introduce to you our child-friendly version of the Big Five.

Wildlife Video: Desert-adapted Black Rhino

There are fewer than 5,000 Critically Endangered Black rhino left in the world, and just a fraction of these are from the desert-adapted subspecies. Samara is one of only two private reserves in South Africa to be home to this subspecies.

Experience video: Milky Way star bed

Explore our Milky Way star bed, for a night out under the Karoo skies.

Wildlife Video: Cheetah on the hunt

A female cheetah stalks a kudu at Samara.

Wildlife Video: Aardvark

Have you ever seen a nocturnal aardvark foraging during the day? Check out our video for footage of exactly that!

Wildlife Video: Birds at Samara

Take a look at some of the bird species found around Karoo Lodge.

Aerial footage of Samara

Aerial footage of Samara’s biomes taken by a recent guest.

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