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Samara's Videos

Watch our collection of videos about Samara's wildlife, landscapes and experiences.

Featured Video: Safari for the soul

Lodge video: The Manor

Lodge video: Karoo Lodge

Sibella the miracle cheet

Did you know?

You can see us on NatGeo WILD

The story of Samara's first cheetah, Sibella, is currently being told on NatGeo WILD. You can watch Sibella the Miracle Cheetah worldwide!

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Wildlife videos

Experience video: Milky Way star bed

Explore our Milky Way star bed, for a night out under the Karoo skies.

Wildlife Video: Aardvark

Have you ever seen a nocturnal aardvark foraging during the day? Check out our video for footage of exactly that!

Wildlife Video: Birds at Samara

Take a look at some of the bird species found around Karoo Lodge.

Aerial footage of Samara

Aerial footage of Samara’s biomes taken by a recent guest.

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