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The Friends of Samara Trust

The Friends of Samara Trust is a registered charity set up as a platform for like-minded individuals and NGOs to contribute to biodiversity conservation in South Africa's Great Karoo - a globally-important ecological hotspot.

In light of the significant environmental and socio-economic need of the region, Samara created the Friends of Samara Trust – a means by which guests, visitors and friends can contribute to causes dear to their hearts. Projects include the reintroduction and conservation of endangered species, the fight against rhino poaching and our ongoing environmental education projects.

We particularly encourage donors to get involved at more than a solely financial level. Sponsoring a rhino collar for tracking and protection purposes often involves a trip to watch the rhino darting process and the subsequent release back into the wild – an emotional and humbling experience. Seeing in-person how their contribution can alter the course of our projects has proved to be a moving experience for many of our donors.

Any contribution, no matter the size, is hugely appreciated.

Donations from the United States

By credit card, wire transfer or cheque

We have partnered with Empowers Africa, a U.S. public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3), to provide a cost-effective solution for our donors from the United States.


Donations from South Africa

Income Tax Act 18A tax-deductible

You can make a donation directly to the Friends of Samara Trust, a charitable trust registered in South Africa (IT 51/2010), PBO number 930033637.


Donations via PayPal

You can make a donation to the Samara Foundation via PayPal. Please consider adding 5% to your donation amount to cover PayPal processing fees.

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