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"We did not inherit the land from our forefathers. We have simply borrowed it from our children."


Samara offers an adventure for all ages. Family-owned and family-run, we are passionate about educating the next generation of conservationists and opening their eyes to the wonders of the wild. Inspiring educational activities combined with a breathtaking malaria-free setting make Samara the epitome of a child friendly safari.

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Kids at Samara Private Game Reserve, Great Karoo, South Africa

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Game drive policy

Unlike most safari destinations, we welcome kids of all ages. Our aim is to get them out into the bush as much as possible. Give us Nature over iPads any day!

Whilst scheduled game drives with other guests at Karoo Lodge can only accommodate children aged 8 and older, we have a number of options available to families:

Where possible, we will try to allocate families (even with children older than 8) to their own vehicle, or to a vehicle with another family. However please be advised that this is subject to availability, may not be for the entire duration of your stay and cannot be guaranteed.

Guests who book The Manor on an exclusive-use basis benefit from a private vehicle as part of the rate. In this instance, children of all ages are allowed on game drives. Your guide will put together a tailor-made programme of game drives and activities to take into account the shorter attention spans of little ones.

For safety reasons, children under 16 are not permitted on bush walks. This applies to both lodges.

Teaching kids about tracking at Samara Private Game Reserve, Great Karoo, South Africa

Kids Programme & Babysitting

The Samara Kids Programme, part of our child friendly safari activities, caters to children up to 12 years old.

Experienced staff will engage your children in a variety of age-appropriate, fun and educational activities whilst you relax and unwind.

Activities include:

When parents are away from the lodge, babies and toddlers younger than 2 years old must be placed under the care of the experienced childminders available. This babysitting is available during game drives and over dinner. The rate for this is R100/hour.

A dedicated children’s menu is available at both lodges, and special requests can be accommodated.

Activities for teenagers

Unlikely to take kindly to being grouped in with the 'kids', we have a host of activities ideally suited to teens and young adults.

These activities cater to those already into the Big Outdoors as well as those who simply want to get that perfect ‘Insta-worthy’ picture to show friends back home.

These include:

The activities described above can also include parents, allowing you to reconnect as a family on an exciting wilderness adventure.

Family-friendly accommodation

Samara's accommodation has been designed to suit families without compromising on comfort, space and safety.

Karoo Lodge comprises 9 suites set within a restored farmstead, with several on-site cottages nearby. The perimeter of the grounds is fenced with a low electrified fence to prevent dangerous wildlife from entering. The swimming pool is fenced off from the main lawn. A children’s play area, the Cubs Den, is located near the pool. This lodge offers a choice between 3 room types, all of which are suitable to families of different sizes.

The Manor is a standalone villa comprising 4 suites located 7 minutes’ drive from Karoo Lodge. The perimeter of the grounds is fenced with a low electrified fence to prevent dangerous wildlife from entering. An unfenced swimming pool draws the eye from the lawn to the mountains beyond. Regrettably, children under the age of 14 are not permitted at The Manor unless it has been booked on an exclusive-use basis. When The Manor is booked exclusively, it provides the perfect accommodation for a multigenerational family, sleeping a maximum of 8 adults and a limited number of extra children.

Please discuss your specific requirements with Reservations who will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect fit.

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