Samara's contribution to the bigger picture

Samara's contribution to conservation is substantial - on a regional, national and even global scale.

Located in one of only 36 Global Biodiversity Hotspots, the Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany thicket, and encompassing five of South Africa’s nine vegetation biomes, Samara’s conservation significance is considerable.

As well as encompassing under-conserved vegetation types and providing a home for many endemic and endangered species, Samara is ideally located in the middle of a chain of conservation areas, from the Camdeboo National Park in the west to the Mountain Zebra National Park in the east.

A visionary plan dreamt up in 1998 by SANParks and conservation NGOs seeks to link the two parks through ecological corridors. Samara is a key stepping stone in this project, and has served as an important catalyst for this grand vision. This mega-park of 1.3 million acres, not traversed by a single main tarred road, will create a vast mosaic of conservation-friendly land-uses in which biodiversity can thrive.

This ambitious project has already been set in motion. 2016 saw the proclamation of the Mountain Zebra – Camdeboo Protected Environment, placing more than 650,000 acres of land under varying levels of environmental protection. The creation of the mega-reserve could also provide a new model for conservation, since the mechanism for expansion relies on innovative incentive-based schemes focusing on collaboration, cooperation and co-creation.

Every Samara guest contributes towards this grand vision - South Africa's 3rd largest protected area in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot.

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