Wokbox and her admirers

By Samara on June 17, 2014

Wokbox is an adult female on our study troop Mob; she is the
only adult female without an infant as hers sadly died after only a few days.

Now with the mating season in full swing she is getting much of the attention.
She is constantly followed by one of her suitors. Each week it seems to be
another male who is harassing her. First Fang, then Max and for a while both of
them, lucky girl, then last week it was Larry’s turn. Anywhere Wokbox went,
Larry was sure to follow, although I didn’t see them mating. It will be
interesting to see if she has a baby this year and if so who the daddy is.

We collect faecal samples which will be analysed for DNA so we should be able to
say who is related to whom.

Until next time
Nicola and the Verveteers


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