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Vuyani Update

By Samara on February 9, 2015

Since last seeing the children, some have been placed in foster care while there are also some new faces. We had our first visit of the year where 6 volunteers spent time with the children on a Saturday afternoon.  Anastasia from London describes her experience at Vuyani…

Having left the camp at one o’clock, accompanied by rain and hailstones we arrived at Vuyani Safe Haven.

Though we were excited, we were all a little apprehensive, none of us really having worked with such a large group of children before. Not long after getting there we were introduced to the children, with ages varying from one year old to 15 we soon found ourselves thoroughly occupied.

They proudly showed us their favourite toys and I cannot describe the excitement that followed the arrival of the play-dough. They sat on our laps as we played together and laughed uproariously at the caricatures we drew of them.

A moment that stuck in my mind for hours to follow was their looks of delight as I fashioned them bracelets made of play-dough. Once one of them had one, they all needed one and then after a laborious half-an-hour a good number of the children sported six or seven colourful bracelets.

Vuyani Jan 2015
Vuyani Jan 2015
Vuyani Jan 2015
Vuyani Jan 2015
Vuyani Jan 2015
Vuyani Jan 2015

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