Vervet Monkey Baby Swap

By Samara on November 16, 2015

We now have many babies in our groups. And as a result the females without their own babies are very interested in the new borns, as are we.  Every morning, one of our first tasks this now is to check all the current babies are with their mothers and more excitingly if any new babies have been born through the night.  Likewise, those mothers without babies are very interested and try to take the new born babies for a while or groom them or groom the mother as well.  Sometimes even new mothers can be seen carrying around an extra baby which is quite a sight. The poor female ambling along with two infants is quite a struggle.  All this swapping makes our job all the more difficult as sometimes we cannot tell who has a baby and if it’s theirs or someone else’s.

And it gets really confusing as soon as  the yearlings (our teenagers so to say) try to increase their baby-handling skills! These yearlings’ do not make the best babysitters to say the least. But they love to try to carry a baby around, comfort them, groom them or just trying to play with them. They are not always the most delicate or gentile but practice makes perfect.

Until next time,

Kathi and the verveteers


baby swap

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