Valkyrie Alive

By Samara on June 30, 2014

This week we have a bit of good news! We spotted Valkyrie, the female we thought may have gone missing, alive and well.

Where she was last week remains a mystery. Perhaps she was feeling ill and spending time on the outskirts of the group so as to avoid being picked on by other group members in a vulnerable state. It’s also possible that we just never happened to see her. The members of Valkyrie’s troop are generally quite dispersed, and tend to spend a lot of time in the thick forest, so it’s not unusual to go a few hours without seeing a certain individual. We were somewhat alarmed by not seeing her for several days, however, because Valkyrie is normally well integrated into the troop. We were very happy to see her again, especially for the sake of her infant, Vector. His chances of surviving to adulthood are much higher with his mother around and caring for him.

Until next time
Rachel and the Verveteers

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