Sibella Diary September 2013

By Samara on September 19, 2013

The Milk river that runs through Samara weaves in and out like needle and thread. It is dry in some places and streaming in others. Kudu frequent the area between the dry river bed and the water as there is thick bush to graze on and a nearby water source.

Sibella and her cubs, Pepper and Chilli have not been around the northern areas of the Milk river valley where the lodge is situated for the last month or so. The Main reason being that they have been hunting on the foot hills of Candoa, so most of their prey in the valley area, have started to relax and drop the guard a little. Most predators are constantly on the move never hanging around an area too long and always wanting to find an area where their prey are relaxed.

It was inevitable that the cheetah would move back into the area around the lodge. They killed a Kudu cow recently, almost exactly between the dry guest crossing and the wet monkey crossing. A few days later they hunted again, a few hundred yards away. The cheetah have often been seen by staff and guests around the lodge area, hearing the monkeys chattering is a sure sign that they are still in the area.

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