Schmee -The Big Kid

By Samara on July 29, 2014

Schmee is a subadult male on Mob, he is easily identified as his tail is wavy at the end. Although he is now more mature than the juveniles you can still find him playing with the juveniles and infants. It may seem unfair to play fight with someone a quarter of his size, he seems to act accordingly and doesn’t play too rough with the smaller individuals but when up against a bigger comrade they can get more rough. Inevitably some of these play fights ends in someone screaming when things go a little too far but usually it’s all fun and games.  

A few months ago Schmee could be seen playing with Patrick, Albi and Charlie (all more his size) but his play mates recently transferred to a nearby troop which we don’t study. This is usual behaviour for the males to transfer when they reach sexual maturity to stop inbreeding. It’s a shame that he no longer has is old play mates but with 9 infants on his group he has plenty new ones.


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Nicola and the Verveteers 

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