Saying Goodbye

By Samara on September 3, 2014

This coming week will be my last with the monkeys as I say goodbye to a year in the field as a Verveteer. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will be sad to leave all the monkeys behind.

Over time you start to like some monkeys more than others, some just stand out with their weird little personalities. I would have to say Dori is my favourite monkey. She is a subadult on Mob and she has quite the personality. When I arrived she was a juvenile and spent many hours playing with the others. She has grown up quite a bit now and you will now see her on the front lines during an intergroup encounter defending her family against other troops. She is also one of the most relaxed monkeys around us. I remember during the summer months she would often be seen in the river playing. Wet monkeys are a funny sight. They look so skinny with all their puffy fur soaked against their skin. I will miss all the monkeys but especially Dori.

Nicola and the Verveteers

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