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The Importance of Biodiversity Conservation

By Samara on March 5, 2019

South Africa has a fantastic diversity of animals, plants, and natural places and this biological diversity is valuable in many different ways. In addition to the pleasure that many people take in observing and experiencing nature, our biodiversity provides food, shelter, grazing, pollination, and many other services. Protected areas, both public and private, play an important role in maintaining this biodiversity. Not only do they serve to conserve natural spaces, but they also allow us to monitor how ecosystems function naturally when undisturbed. Read more about our efforts in Karoo conservation below.

Samara Private Game Reserve

The urban world is growing at a rapid rate, and for this reason, dedicated space for wildlife and vegetation is becoming a necessity. Biodiversity is necessary to keep our ecosystems in balance, and game reserves help to protect and conserve important ecological spaces. It is fairly well known that a number of species of animal in South Africa are facing extinction, but what is less often discussed is the threat to our vegetation and landscapes. Game reserves like Samara combat the threat that urbanisation and overpopulation have on these historically rich areas, and ensure the life cycles are protected.

At Samara, Karoo conservation is a top priority. The conservation value the land yielded was a major factor that the Tompkins family considered when buying what we now know as Samara Private Game Reserve.

Samara Private Game Reserve

Samara’s goal, first and foremost, is to restore the land to the diverse and generous landscape it once was; before farming and overgrazing robbed the area of its former glory. Aligning itself with a number of NGOs, research facilities and governmental organisations such as SANparks, and with constant professional advice and guidance regarding conservation best-practice, Samara has achieved notable successes over the years. To learn more about the ways in which our hard work has paid off, take a look at our conservation successes.

Karoo conservation

Samara is working towards creating South Africa’s 3rd largest protected area of 1.3 million acres, and restoring the original ecosystems that once thrived in the Karoo veld. Acknowledging that education and awareness are springboards for change, Samara’s Volunteer Programme aims to teach the youth of today the importance of our natural environment. What’s more, Samara is home to South Africa’s first Tracker Academy, arming young people with the tools to protect our natural environment.

Samara andconservation are synonymous, it filters into every aspect of this breath-taking reserve. Read on here to find out more about Karoo conservation the Samara way, or start your journey with us today.


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[…] 2014. Samara Private Game Reserve and the importance of biodiversity conservation. (Online)  https://www.samara.co.za/blog/samara-and-biodiversity-conservation/ (Accessed on 7th November […]

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