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July update

By Samara on July 27, 2016

Excellent game viewing this month of July,the cold and dry periods are forcing the animals to move further away from the northern part of the reserve.Moving into areas of the reserve where there is favourable grazing grass.Some of the small water holes are bone dry.The morning and evenings are chilly but the normal day temperature is pleasant.

From the beginning of July we had a ton of awesome sightings and got better as the month went on.The Aardvark sighting did not disappoint this month.We had wonderful Aardvark sightings this month.The barracks Aardvark being the special sighting for our guest because we are having amazing sightings during the day.

Cheetahs are expanding their range .The male cheetah pepper is spending more time patrolling the Kondoa mountain and boer’s hook area.

 Great sightings of giraffes , herd of eland ,oryx,zebras and flocks of blue cranes down south of the reserve.


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