Ranger Diary 2 May 2014

By Samara on May 2, 2014

Walking with Sibella – We have been tracking Sibella and her Cubs at the top of Kondoa mountain for the past week.She is enjoying the open grass land and she has been seen hunting wildebeest and kudu. Chilli and Pepper killed two baby wildebeest ,marking the begining of ther independence.


Birdlife – Raptors sightings in general have been very good.Verreauxs Eagles,African Harrier Hawk,Amur [Eastern Red Footed Falcon] have been sighted at the top of kondoa mountain.I spotted endemic Layards and Tit Babbler around Springbok pan.

Bat eared Fox and Black Rhino were the stars of the week,Bat eared Fox were sighted at every morning game drive along the Jucket plum drive.
General Game have been good too,with a  lot of Giraffes, Eland, Gemsbok and white Rhinos. At night Game drives Porcupine, Aardvark were spotted.

Water levels are rising in the Karoo from local rain.The Milk River was flooded yesterday afternoon.

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