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Cheetah, expert hunters

By Samara on May 28, 2015

Sightings during the month of May has just been an absolute treat! We had great sightings of hundreds of elands at a water hole, during a late afternoon drive. Giraffe, Zebra and Oryx sightings have also been plentiful, leaving guests in awe .

On one particular afternoon the Rangers and a few guests, followed a female cheetah through the bush. This Cheetah was clearly on the hunt. Slowly, stealthily moving through the bush, being sure not to make a sound and stopping to listen every now and then. To our delight, and without any warning, she rushed ahead and flushed kudu out of a thicket. Of course she was so fast that we could hardly keep up with her. We kept tracking her though and found her on a kudu kill. All in all, plenty of stories to tell of the magnificent sightings our guests have seen. We can’t wait to see what June has installed for us!

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