Ranger Diaries August 2014

By Samara on September 2, 2014

The month of August has been jam packed with great game viewing!
We tracked Chilli and Pepper to Mark’s Pass. They then moved down to the Manor house where they had a Kudu kill and were really enjoying the feast! A few days later we saw Chilli and pepper with another kudu kill on the kondoa road, however they did not finish that kill, they only ate the back legs then moved on. Jackal finished the kill once they moved on. We recently also saw them at the dam on the boundary and again at the quarry hunting. Busy cats! 
General game sightings have been really great too lately. We saw a big herd of giraffes at rooi dam and a little while later we saw the same herd of giraffe and a herd of 30 eland at springbok pan.


There has been a lot of bat eared fox sightings, not only on game drives and at night but during the day, guests mentioned seeing them on the drive in through the reserve.
All in all a great month of sightings at Samara!



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