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April Rains

By Samara on April 30, 2015

April has brought us more rain leaving the game reserve amazingly in green, with the sound or water flowing everywhere.Water holes full, the sightings of general game has picked up and no drive is quiet this time of the year. The animals are moving around more to get from water to suitable grazing.

Walking with the cheetah

The Cheetah are doing exceptionally well, hunting everything from Springbok to Kudu to feed themselves. Chilli and Pepper are patrolling a lot these days and they have been taking down larger prey like Kudu and Wildebeest. Even a sub-adult Eland was recently taken down by Pepper, showing us that these Cheetah are definitely not afraid of a supersized meal.


Birdlife is amazingly good too! As we approach winter though, most of the birds migrate into the warmer areas, leaving our reserve with the common residents for the duration of the winter. We can hear lots of bird calls every morning and what an amazing sound to wake up to.

IMG_0559 IMG_0568

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