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Pokkie’s rhino tracking stories (Part 2 of 2)

By Samara on July 16, 2012

Pokkie and six trainees followed a Rhino and her calf. This time there was at least some cover in the form of Acacia trees some distance from where Pokkie suspected the Rhino’s to be (you know that Pokkie’s sense of smell and hearing are just as amazing as his sight). Pokkie stopped the trainees at the first row of trees for necessary cover. One of the trainees either did not hear Pokkie’s instructions or decided to ignore them. And again Pokkie was faced with a charging and enraged Rhino. He told the rest of the trainees to take cover in the trees, raced forward and rugby dived the errant trainees into a lone Acacia tree which the Rhino mother second later half uprooted as she stormed past before turning around to follow her calf which by then had run some way off into the open veld.

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