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Best Proposal Spots at Samara

By Samara on April 25, 2017

When it comes time to asking the most important question of your life, finding the perfect spot for a proposal can be tough. A setting that embodies the romance and importance of the occasion whilst also being private and special can be difficult to come by. At Samara Private Game Reserve, you’re in luck.

There’s nothing we love more than making our guests feel special, and we’ve helped organise our fair share of magical proposals over the years. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite spots at Samara to get down on one knee to give you a glimpse into what your Karoo proposal could look like.

Samara Private Game Reserve

Eagle Rock

Situated high above the Karoo landscape on a mountain plateau, from atop Eagle Rock it’s easy to feel like the only two people on earth. What better metaphor for your love than the expansive, never-ending Plains of Camdeboo. Relax into the comfort of a lunchtime picnic, a refreshing drink or a jaw-dropping sunset as you begin to let your significant other know just how much they mean to you.

Samara Private Game Reserve Proposal

Milky Way Star Bed

There’s not much that can top lying next to the love of your life on a custom-made four poster bed with the Milky Way as your twinkling ceiling. From your vantage point on this raised platform above the nearby Milk River, you can watch as the local wildlife stops by for their evening drink. Enjoy a delicious picnic dinner as the Karoo sun dips behind the mountain and the epic night sky takes over. With no light or noise pollution and no other human presence, your proposal will take place in the most beautiful natural setting imaginable.

Most romantic spots at Samara

Candle-lit Riverbed Dinner

With such a variety of spectacular landscapes to choose from, dining al fresco at Samara is a South African bush experience like no other. One of these awe-inspiring settings is the base of a cliff inside a dry riverbed. The Samara team will set the scene with flickering candle light and delectable cuisine, retreating unobtrusively into the shadows to give you a private moment. Drop to one knee under the Karoo night sky for a moment neither of you will ever forget.

Best Proposal Spots at Samara

On Your Private Verandah

Book into one of our Karoo Suites at Karoo Lodge and enjoy the luxury of your romantic four-poster bed draped with mosquito nett, private verandah overlooking the mountain and even your very own outdoor shower! The Samara Team will set up a romantic dinner for you whilst you keep your other half occupied with a drink in the bar. Return to your suite to find champagne on ice and a candlelit setting ready for you to pop the question – a particularly extraordinary ending to another magical day in Africa.

Karoo Proposal

Add a little bit of Samara magic to your big moment, and plan the perfect Karoo proposal with Samara Private Game Reserve. If you have any further questions about creating the perfect setting, our Reservations Manager Jenny will be glad to assist you. 

Samara Private Game Reserve is a luxury 5-star destination with a passionate conservation mission set within breathtaking wilderness. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram, or click here to start planning your stay with us today. A safari for the soul.


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