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The Ant Dance

By Samara on February 6, 2015

Hop, skip, Jump, Kick, Stomp

Hop, Skip, Jump, Kick, Stomp

No I am not making this up! It’s a dance native to the Karoo and its inhabitants.

One can only truly do the Ant Dance when you are living in the Karoo although it is quite a simple dance; even some kids have mastered this cultural phenomenon.

Some say that the ant dance keeps bad spirits away and others say it brings rain to the Karoo if done with enough Karoo spirit. It does sound a bit superstitious, but I have come to respect the believes of the people living in the Karoo.


That’s enough of that! Now to learn the ant dance…

It consists of a hop, skip, jump and kick in one fluid movement and then a quick nibble on the ankle.

Come to Samara to see me do the ant dance and if you have the soul of the Karoo inside you, you will also be able to master this dance.

I hate ants and they are a big annoyance to me but we have to remember that they play an important part in the ecosystem. They help to plant seeds and take dead plant matter underground to help feed the living plants.

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