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Archie’s walk home

By Samara on February 20, 2015
Archie & Friends
Archie & Friends

So I’ve adjusted amazingly well to living on a game reserve and one of the biggest perks, is unlimited walking space. I walk to and from work every day and just breathing in the fresh air and seeing the sunrise over the mountains in the morning has made the move worthwhile.

My way to work consists of quite a few obstacles. Rivers, rocks, bushes animals etc. So we set of from my mother’s place which is about a 15min walk to work. If we are lucky we might bump into a buffalo or two. The big males like to hang out around our place because the grass is green and succulent. My mother doesn’t think it’s good to bump into them but I always have a nice chat with the big fellows.

Unlike Joburg the traffic in the bush consists of Kudu, Eland and Waterbuck who always wants to stop and chat. There isn’t always enough time to do this though so I just quickly invite them over for some grass snacks and water cocktails later on.

Next comes the river, the big wide expanse between the Lodge and my house. It was a bit scary in the beginning but now I am an expert rock hopper. Jumping from one rock to the next, very careful not to slip into the water, it is quite cold in the mornings. Then I’m over the river and the worst is behind me.

There are a lot of different smells and sights on my way to work and this can tense my mother up a bit cause I need to investigate all of them to make sure it’s not a danger to her.

Then the most important part of my daily walk is to mark the path we walk so that all the animals know this is my path and if they want to meet for a quick chat that is most likely where I will be walking. So every second bush or rock gets a quick sprinkle…

Walks to work
Walks to work

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