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By Samara on January 30, 2015
I cannot believe it has been more than year since my Mother has forced me to move from the city to the middle of nowhere! How was I going to survive without my weekly grooming visit and my daily play-dates?

Sorry. I should probably have introduced myself first. I am Archibald Varney or better known as “Joke of the Bushveld” and I live on Samara Private Game Reserve; well I don’t live here, I own this place!

As I have said it has been a year since the big move and what a move it was. I was completely mistaken about Samara! It is a wonderful place to live and if I may so myself I have crawled into the hearts of all the staff here.

Here are a few interesting facts about me:

My favourite place to be on Samara: The kitchen of course – snack time.

My favourite thing to do: Chase the monkeys, but I will have to learn to climb trees as well!

My favourite place to nap: On someone’s lap. I truly do not care who or where – if you are sitting I will be there.

My favourite people other than my Mum: Marolien and Nomsa, because Marolien babysits me and Nomsa feeds me bacon.

In next week’s blog: My amazing story of how I came to be with my mother!

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