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Archie & the intruder

By Samara on March 20, 2015
Zoe the Intruder
Zoe the Intruder

Last weekend we went into town (Graaff-Reinet) to get some supplies for the reserve and to do some of the usual chores. At the end of the long hot day in town, we stopped by someone’s house. We went in and lo and behold there’s a puppy!

Although I have to say she’s much larger than me. I’m was not happy when, after rather a long talk between the humans, this new canine ( I believe that’s what we’re called) gets into the car with us. And I’m told her name is Zoe. My human brother reckons that it’s a good idea as we go from A to Z. Have you ever?!

Things went from bad to worse when she started getting sick everywhere! All over our new bakkie, my mum and ME!! Mum made some comments about “motion sickness”, what is that? Anyway after another 24 hours of this sickness, we went back to Graaff Reinet. Despite my hopes that we might be taking her back to where we found her, we actually went to the dog doctor and he discovered that she’s got an illness called biliary. I must say I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her, but I was still resenting this intruder a bit.

Anyway, we’re a couple of days down the road now and I think I’m getting her into shape a bit and she’s not quite as annoying. We had some guests visiting from Johannesburg this week and they seemed to see a bit of charm in her, “cute” I think they called her but of course still recognizing that I’m top dog.


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