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A Buffalo visit

By Samara on August 28, 2015

Yesterday it was very cold in the evening. It seems like the winter will never end!  We are all waiting for  summer to arrive. I was relaxing at the bar whilst my mom and the guests were laughing and enjoying their drinks before going through to dinner.  At least we still have those great log fires everywhere.

Every evening our Rangers escort their guests from their rooms to the lodge and after dinner they escort them back again.

The guests were busy relaxing and chatting and laughing  and suddenly one of our rangers came back from the rooms saying that a buffalo was happily grazing on the nice green lush lawns surrounding the Lodge  The guests and I went outside to see this gigantic buffalo and that silly little new sister of mine, Zoe, actually started barking at the buffalo. She certainly has a thing or two to learn!

Our guests were now taking photos enjoying the sighting of this gigantic buffalo and since then this guy has been hanging around the Lodge for the past two weeks and seems reluctant to leave the nice green grass.  At least Zoe seems to have learnt some respect and now gives him a wide berth.

buffalo buffalo 2

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