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Archie & water

By Samara on June 5, 2015

The weather in the Karoo has been amazing! Warm & sunny every day, although the nights are getting pretty chilly.  A number of our guests have been on mountain top picnics lately, with our staff ensuring that every picnic has it’s own magic!

We had a big group of bikers visit recently and they wanted a bush picnic in the river!  Can you imagine? I really don’t like water very much.  A whole lot of preparation went into making the river picnic a success for our guests and they had a ball of a time dining in the river bed.

In preparation for the river picnic, we set off from Karoo lodge which is about a 20 minute drive. We arrived to a troop of baboons all around the picnic site.  They make me mad and my mom really doesn’t think confronting them is a good idea.  I can’t think why…  However, with all the rangers and staff around, I am always well protected as are my nemesis, the baboons. In addition, to my great surprise on our arrival at the river, I didn’t see any rocks to be able to cross over to the other side, where the picnic was taking place. Everyone was removing their shoes, enjoying the cold water.

I just stood there hoping the rangers were going to put down some rocks for me to hop over on, like I do in the Milk River every day on the way to the Lodge. I tried to go around the bushes, but our Karoo has amazing Acacia trees with many, huge thorns which created a major obstacle for me. I ended up having to jump into the cold water and swim to my destination, which I didn’t enjoy at all.

Until Next Time,

Archie – Joke of the Bushveld


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