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A strange visitor

By Samara on June 19, 2015

What a wonderful day it was. It was a sunny day. I went outside and roamed around, while the guests were laughing and enjoying their brunch at Karoo Lodge.

I heard birds chirping and monkeys making a lot of noise which they normally do, but this time they sounded very distressed. I was very curious about what was happening. Suddenly I saw our guests leaving their tables and grabbing their cameras heading to our Karoo suites which is close to the water hole.

All of a sudden Marolien grabbed me and we headed in the same direction as our guests. I was happy to see it was one of our resident big cats, Sibella ‘s “cub” Chilli.

She has grown so big. It was amazing to see her close to our Karoo suites. Chilli was feasting on a kudu kill. She had just killed a baby kudu. What an amazing day and she spent the whole day feasting on her kill. Pepper was also roaming close by, so all in all, it was a very exciting day at Samara!


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