Hot New commodity here in the Karoo!

By Samara on October 27, 2014


We’ve had a lot of new arrivals in the vervet monkey troops in the last couple of weeks and apparently, it’s not just us humans who go a little bit baby crazy sometimes, the female vervets do too!  Babies are now a hot commodity here in the Karoo. Wokbox, one of the females on the River Bend Mob was the first to give birth and we’ve seen the other expectant mothers following Wokbox around trying to get a turn with her newborn.

We’ve even seen some of the mothers carrying two newborns at once, which makes walking pretty difficult when you can only spare one hand! There’s some pretty theory surrounding this baby madness too, all to do with economics. The new mums use their babies as a trade, other females will have to sit and groom mum before they’re allowed to
borrow the baby for a while, and who can blame them… New mums need a bit of pampering!

Females who have borrowed a baby can then use it to be groomed by someone else. Keeping track of whose baby is where is getting more and more difficult as the rest of the females start giving birth, there seem to be babies everywhere. But they’re never
traded for long and they all end up safely back with their own mum sooner or later.

Until next time,
Bex and the Verveteers


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