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Growing up baby

By Samara on August 2, 2017

At about 8 months old, we have noticed the infants are starting to become more independent and spending more time away from their mothers. We only have three remaining infants this year as the drought claimed the lives of many but the three we have are thriving and growing up fast.

Vervet monkey infant at Samara Private Game Reserve, Great Karoo, South Africa

While they still nurse with their mothers, we are seeing them become more involved in social interactions with other members of the troop. Fending for themselves in a big social group can be quite daunting so our little monkeys are spending most of the time away from their mothers with their siblings, especially their older sisters. With a generation of juveniles that will soon give birth and become adults, looking after their younger siblings is giving them good practice for when they too become mothers.

Our infants have survived some tough times and we eagerly watch their progress as they find their place in the troop.

Until next time,

Rose and the Verveteers

The Vervet Monkey research project is a collaboration between a number of international universities. The project has been based at Samara Private Game Reserve in the Great Karoo since 2008. The aim of the project is to investigate the adaptations of these fascinating monkeys to climatic changes.

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