Cooling off in the river as Summer arrives in the Karoo

By Samara on September 22, 2014

It’s definitely turning in to spring here in the Karoo. After the snow a few weeks ago we’ve had temperatures over 30 degrees C, and there’s no better way to cool off in the opinion of a vervet monkey than having a quick swim! Most of our river still has water running through it and occasionally we see the monkeys having a quick paddle. It’s very interesting in terms of science, because part of our research is
looking at how the vervets cope with changes in temperature here on Samara.

At the moment it only seems to be the babies who are brave enough to make a splash… even though it’s hot the water is still pretty cold! It’s pretty funny to watch as well. We’ve even seen a few roll into
the water accidentally and they look very unimpressed. They go in all cute and fluffy and they emerge looking very bedraggled, but at least they dry off pretty quickly. There is only one downside: it makes themvery difficult to identify when you’re trying to work out if it was the monkey who has a very fluffy tail because suddenly they all have very wet, very skinny tails!

Fingers crossed as it gets hotter and we get some more rain we might even see some of the adults taking a dip. Who knows…maybe even the verveteers will have to dive in to cool off once it gets to high summer!

Until next time,
Bex and the verveteers


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