Buffalo in the Middle

By Samara on October 13, 2014

With so many different species roaming around the reserve, the monkeys often bump into some other animals. This week while observing the River Bend Mob troop, they ran off to confront another group we named Lodge troop who were encroaching on their territory.

So we ran up after them up the river bank to bear witness to a neighbourhood squabble, only to be stopped in our tracks by a couple of buffalo out on the plain. The monkeys proceeded with their inter-troop encounter. These can be quite noisy affairs and the buffalo were right on the front line grazing between the monkeys.

As many of you may know, buffalo are notoriously grumpy animals. And it was no surprise to see our Mob males rushing back to the sanctuary of the river valley after a few grumpy snorts and angry stares from the buffalo. Maybe next time the monkey troops will choose a less congested spot for their squabbles.

Chris (and the Verveteers)


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