Bro-mance in the Bush

By Samara on September 10, 2014

Of the three troops of vervet monkeys that we study, my favourite has to be the River Bend Mob, or ‘Mob’ for short. This is because it is home to an extremely colourful cast of characters who always put me in a good mood. Gimpy and Bones are two such monkeys who are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you see them. This is because
they are constantly playing together.

The rest of the troop might be resting in the shade or searching for food, but not these two; they are almost always guaranteed to be playing tag through the treetops or twisting, turning and leaping as they wrestle with each other on the ground.

Bones is a sub-adult male and Gimpy is a juvenile, so they differ a decent amount in size, but Gimpy is tough enough to hold his own against Bones in wrestling matches, and this size difference just adds to their charm. Even when they are not being very energetic, they can often be found together, just hanging out in the same tree enjoying each other’s company: they really are the best of monkey friends.

Until next time…
Luke and the Verveteers

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