Malaria-free Babymoon Safari Destination

By Samara on July 9, 2019
For many 21st-century parents-to-be, a highlight of the nine-month waiting period is planning one final getaway sans bébé.

Known as a babymoon, this holiday offers a fantastic opportunity for couples to relax and spend some alone time with their partner before the start of a new, delightfully chaotic chapter in their lives. South Africa is brimming with idyllic destinations to offer expectant parents the tranquillity and peace and quiet they will come to treasure. Here’s why Samara Private Game Reserve is the perfect destination for a babymoon safari in South Africa.

Samara is a malaria-free reserve

Seasoned travellers to Africa will be all too familiar with the high-pitched hum of a mosquito on the prowl. Malaria is perhaps the most feared of mosquito-borne diseases and for many, the risks of contracting it are just not worth taking. Pregnant women – as well as the elderly, small children and those with impaired immune systems – are often advised to steer clear of malaria-prone areas, as they are most at risk of complications arising from the disease.

Luckily, there are plenty of malaria-free safari destinations including Samara Game Reserve in the Great Karoo. For expecting mums, this means no precautionary measures or medications are required before, during or after your safari getaway.

You can see all of the Big 5

In January 2019 Samara Private Game Reserve became the first Big 5 destination in the Great Karoo. Visitors now have the chance to see free-roaming buffalo, elephant, black and white rhino, lion and leopard during their stay. Not to mention a host of other wildlife species.

Samara is particularly well-known for wild cheetah conservation, and re-introduced the first cheetah back into the region in 130 years. Both species of rhinos had arrived by 2013, and elephants followed suit in 2017, restoring the function of megaherbivore processes. Finally, the apex predator of the landscape, the lion, was released onto the reserve in January 2019.

Samara has received a host of romantic awards and accolades

If it’s romance you’re searching for (and it may well be your last chance for a while) Samara has it in spades. Named as one of the “Twelve Most Romantic Places in the World” by HELLO! Magazine, Samara’s exquisite scenery lends itself perfectly to special romantic getaways.

Pick the luxurious Karoo Suite cottage at Karoo Lodge for extra privacy. You’ll awaken in your four-poster bed to the sounds of the bush – quiet and soothing. Draw the curtains to reveal views that stretch to the mountains beyond. In the summer, request a romantic lunch for two in the river – and sit back in your canvas chair as the cool, clear water flows past your toes.

The Samara team is passionate about creating special memories for you to cherish. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you in curating your perfect romantic babymoon safari experience.

But don’t just take our word for it – Meghan from the UK spent her babymoon at Samara and gives us a glowing recommendation.

"My husband and I came to Samara as part of our "babymoon". The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive. Everyone knew our names and we felt welcome and well cared for. At that point, I was 6 months along and very visibly pregnant. Everyone on the staff made sure I was ok with the food and that I was comfortable whether I was sitting at a table at breakfast or in the trucks going around the game reserve. Those rides can be very bumpy but our guide was extremely careful and checked in with me frequently to make sure I was comfortable. Our only regret is that we started our trip at Samara because everything we did after paled in comparison."

- Meghan, UK

Past the babymoon stage and looking for a family-friendly safari destination? Well look no further. Samara welcomes kids of all ages with a host of activities. Take a look at what’s on offer here.


Samara Private Game Reserve is a luxury Big Five safari destination with a difference. Guests are invited behind the scenes of a passionate conservation journey to restore a unique South African wilderness. This genuine conservation participation, combined with heartfelt Karoo hospitality and breathtaking landscapes, offers a safari that feeds the soul.

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