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Archie & the mystery creature

By Samara on March 6, 2015

What a week it’s been! The weather in the Karoo has been a rollercoaster ride of very hot and sunny days to spectacular thunderstorms playing in the mountains around us.

This week I’ve been trying to solve the mystery of a  curious creature that lurks in the underground of tunnels and mazes of Samara. My interest was spiked the first morning that I walked to work. All along the road were these huge holes dug into the earth. When I say huge I mean it.  A small human can crawl into them. I sniffed around the hole to see if I can place the creature that has dug it and got the oddest smell. Wet soil, and a strange doggish smell.  That’s what confused me. It must then be a dog digging these holes. But I have not seen or met any other dogs on Samara!

It was thus time to do some investigation! I took samples and casts of the claw prints around the holes as well as some hair samples for analysis. I got Marolien to help me with the analysis seeing that she has a bachelor’s degree in science so she knows what she is doing. I did not however inform her of the reason I need the analysis done. I need to get behind this mystery creature before I can go to management with my results and speculations! While she is doing the analysis I will be taking a well deserved nap.


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