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A day in the life

By Samara on November 18, 2014

The first week was full of drama.  We  saw Chilli, she was resting under a tree, we left for just a few moments and when we came back, she was gone. Moments later we saw her chasing a heard of eland. The excitement didn’t stop there this week!

The camp seemed to be a popular place for animals, such as the buffalo that made their way into the garden munching on the grass and destroying the trees, as well as the Vervet monkey who seems to enjoy the fruit from our kitchen. We also saw two male red hartebeest fighting and then saw a newborn one take its first steps .

We spent some time digging hollows to try and prevent soil erosion and in hope that plants will start to grow in an empty eroded area. We also planted some spekboom.

volunteers erosion control
volunteers erosion control


We also spent an afternoon with the vervet monkey researchers and we learnt of the monkeys strange baby stealing behaviours! The next order of “business” was a halloween party at the Volunteer camp with the monkey researchers which included a braai and pumpkin carving.

We were lucky enough to be here for the release of 4 new buffalo into a boma and now it is added to our duties to feed them twice a day before they are released into the reserve.


Buffalo Release
Buffalo Release

In our third week we went to visit the neighbouring reserve to see their elephants and spend time with their dogs that enjoyed a game drive with us after which we had a large braai followed by watching the rugby at their place. Then the weather got interesting. For two afternoons and evenings there was lightning and thunder storms like you wouldn’t believe, this lead to power cuts (which lead to a nice candlelit dinner and card games), floods and fires on top of Kondoa.



Until next time!

-Bea and Rebecca




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