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By Samara on February 27, 2015

It’s so exciting Living on Samara…Last night – two BUFFALOS! What a surprise to wake up to that!


Actually I started out in the bush – Malelane to be precise. I had a home, well a sort of home, where they did not show proper respect to us dogs: leaving us for weeks at a time with no food or shelter, let alone a proper carer. So I went in search of these essential elements and ended up with a whole lot more than I could ever have expected. My Mum’s friend Susie found me and just whisked me away to the “Big Smoke” – Joburg -and for the first time in my life I really found that I had landed in clover – food, warm beds to sleep in, hugs and unconditional love – and well, the rest, as they say, is history.
Until of course, the rather unexpected move to Samara. Now here I am, pretty spoilt I have to admit: lots of people who provide laps to sit on, lots of patting and admiration etc although there a quite a few threats from guests to take me away with them. What are they thinking? This place suits me down to the ground!
I actually can’t believe I’ve been here just over a year and I still haven’t got those wretched monkeys to show me any more respect than the day I arrived. If I’m honest, I think they are the ones who find me a joke. They sit in the trees where I can’t get to them and just laugh at me. Talk about irritating.

Oh, I nearly forgot – We had some visitors here from Mexico this week ,on their way to a wedding in Plett! Anyway, even though I haven’t actually been to Mexico, Mexican people certainly seem to know a lot about Chihuahuas and were delighted to make my acquaintance!

Anyway, onto other matters: like the weather. All of a sudden the sun seems to be getting up later which quite suits me, I’ve always enjoyed a bit of a lie-in, but the days are just fantastic – the temperatures are perfect and the night time temperatures are also still warm enough for boma dinners which I really like because I always seem to get a bit more in the way of snacks. Actually I do have to say though that I have been put on something of a diet. All the December visitors to Samara who have known me in Joeys universally declared that I had gained some “condition” – actually rather a lot so the snacks are bit more scarce.

Till next time!

ARCHIE Joke of the Bushveld
ARCHIE Joke of the Bushveld

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